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Since the company’s founding in 1992, we have demonstrated a successful track record with our local and international business partners. We proudly look back on more than 60 businesses that we have established, and a dozen companies in which we have found the most appropriate strategic partner leading to the businesses’ successful development and growth.

Consultancy in the integration of the Moravian production facilities, personnel training especially in the area of communication.

Accompanying during the process due diligence of the Czech engineering company.

Consultancy in finding the registered office, company foundation and construction of of a company in steel segment.

Consultancy in acquisition of Czech companies involved in road construction in the context of privatization.

Consultancy in privatization of the Czech group.

Consultancy in the preparation and execution of expansion in the Czech Republic, advice on various projects.

Strategic consulting, building a network of contacts, the acquisition process in the acquiring a lock on a regional minority suppliers' electricity. Consultancy in acquiring a strategic equity package that can be achieved with a strategic partner thanks to the votes of the majority.

Consultancy in the sales process of the company. Management and stuff training.

Support for the second largest Czech telecommunications companies in the search for an international partner.

Assembling and development of legal structures, establishing business and investment property for client Real-Treuhand.

Consultancy services for restructuring / reorganization of foreign business share.

Consultancy in finding a partner, starting a business, taking over the assets and the integration of the production plant in South Bohemia, the management of a new subsidiary in the first three years.